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Ewa Popiel, Polish

40 years old
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I'm at home. Looking for a job
bardziej powa¿nie....:)

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pankaj "pinks" choudhary   Friend   INDIAN   10 years ago

oh my god! ANGEL

mahmoud bakr mahmoud ismail okasha   3/Officer   EGYPTIAN   11 years ago

hello , really i cannot understand your language but i think you know english , so what about chatting and adding me here , it is nice to be friends , if it is ok ask for my e mail , thanks 3rd bye

bardziej powa¿nie....:)
Ewa Popiel   3/Officer   POLISH   11 years ago

nie ma sprawy....wiedzia?am,?e Ci si? spodoba...:)

No photo
---   11 years ago

hej, hej. Jestem i dzi?ki za zaproszenie )

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