The creators of were the first to fulfill one seamen’s dream which due to the nature of their occupation was out of their reach. You no longer have a fellow seaman you have lost contact with, and moreover before you sign on board you know who is going to be your fellow seaman. However, acquaintances and making contacts are governed by certain rules.

When entering this community, you have to abide by some strict rules, as breaching some of them may sometimes have friendship-related consequences, legal consequences and many other.
1. Real data
This is warning number one! Stating false data and other information on your profile is prohibited. This will mislead all users of the portal. In such a case we remove the profile for good.
2. One profile
Each user may have only one profile and may not make it available to anyone, even if he agrees to it. In such a case we remove the account for good.
3. False opinions and comments
You may place an unlimited and often unmoderated number of opinions and comments. However, you should think over each opinion and comment. The entity you comment on may take legal steps against you.
4. Contact data
You should in particular see to it that contact data is not placed anywhere else than in boxes designed for that purpose.
5. Spam
Sending spam is prohibited and this is one of the most important prohibitions. We in particular admonish recruitment agencies against making contacts otherwise than through the agency’s profile.
6. Photos and information
Remember that if you are not the author of a photo or graphics and you do not have the author’s consent for its publication, he may take financial and legal steps against you.

In some countries it is not allowed to state in the photo’s description the forename and surname of people presented in the photo!

If you publish information taken from various sources on the portal, make sure you state the author of the information.

7. Strangers
Do not add to your list of colleagues people you do not know. Usually their intention is to take advantage of acquaintances for purposes which are not always fair. If somebody offers you a job and is not an agency and does not have an agency’s profile, you should always refuse that person; he will most likely be a dishonest broker. Let us know about this and we will remove him from our community.
8. Gaps, faults and damage to the portal
It happens that the portal, which is a complicated machine, has some gaps, faults or damage. Do not take advantage of them to evade our rules. If you do, we may block your profile or remove it. You had better let us know, and we will surely repay your kindness.
9. The law
Just as in the real world, follow the rules of etiquette and of the law so that no-one has a chance to impute violation of these rules to you.
10. Logging
Always log in from computers that you are sure will not cause your data to be stolen. Do not give the password to anyone, not even to your family and friends. Seamen write different things and not everyone is always ready for that.
Remember to always log out.

You have become acqainted with the warnings during registration.