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4(FOUR) years contract supply

23.01.2021, 05:28 UTC
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Warm greeting i hope this message finds you and your family in good health I found your profile very interesting that i would be delighted to engage you in a profitable supply contract in our company.

I am contacting you in respect of our company's quest in giving out a 4(FOUR) years contract supply. Marathon Petroleum Corporation® is giving out a 4(FOUR) years contract supply of a Chemical.

The 4(FOUR) years contract supply is mapped out by our Company Marathon Petroleum Corporation with the sole aim of empowering small scale companies and independent individual contractors who are capable.

This contract is mapped out so that people can benefit from our company, In this regard we are willing to award this contract to any reliable individual or company who can capably handle this contract. I will proceed in detail when I receive your kind response.

Please stay safe and healthy +1 (749) 760-6933 call or text

I await your response
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