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Inter-island Cadetship Program (Engine and Deck)

03.05.2019, 01:18 UTC
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We offer Apprenticeship:
-Deck Cadet
-Engine Cadet

Requirements are as follows:
-Seaman's book -Basic Training -Crowd & Crisis Management (CCM)-Seafarers Designated Security Duties (SDSD)-Deck Watch/ Engine Watch if Engine-Certificate, Authentication and Verification (CAV)-School Certificate-Application Letter-TOR-Resume/Bio data w/ 2x2 ID picture-NSO-NBI -TRB -Daily journal
*For more Inquiries, visit our office at 2M Benrosi Plaza, Dona Soledad Avenue, Paranaque City, opens from Mondays to Saturdays 8 am to 5 pm  or Message me at 09773251605 
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