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applying for passenger ship

19.04.2016, 05:44 UTC
any available as cabin steward or housekeeping/ please contact me 09298229288 / 09298229287. I will apply personally. thanks a lot.
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19.09.2016, 06:04 UTC
Bar Server
im applying for bartender, bar steward  or utility bar please contact me.09391567368,in any of this position.thank you.
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08.10.2016, 01:09 UTC
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Good day! I am Motorman John Bernardo, applying for a job as motorman. I have my complete documents and US Visa.
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27.10.2016, 19:00 UTC
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Good day Ma'am/Sir I'm Berson Lizardo I would like to apply Assistant Waiter or Galley Utility, I have complete requirements Also A U,S VISA,My Contact number /0998 790 9729,Thank you very much and godbless
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