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I am looking for shiping company as 3rd officer

18.12.2015, 15:35 UTC
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Personal data :                                                                                                        Full Name: Bujisic Predrag Address: Madzarica bb Home Phone No: Mobile Phone No: +382 63 284 222 E mail: Place of Birth: Bar Date of Birth: 08.09.1992 Citizenship: Montenegrin Marital Status: Not Married No of children supported: No Children Spoken Languages: English Education: Faculty of Maritime Height: 197 cm Colour of Eyes: Brown Weight: 95 kg Colour of Hair:  Black                                              Next of Kin : Full Name: Bujisic Bosko Relationship: Father Address: Madzarica bb Phone No: +382 67 604 974 Passport : Country Number Place Issued Date Issued Expiry Date Montenegro U45CS0644 Bar 22.10.2012 22.10.2022. Visa : Country Number Place Issued Date Issued Expiry Date USA 20142487000001 Podgorica 09.09.2014. 04.09.2017.           Certificate of Competency : Grade of License Country Number Place Issued Date Issued Expiry Date Officer in charge of navigational watch on ships of 500 GT or more Montenegro 0404-403-6380/15 Bar 14.12.2015. 14.12.2020. Seaman′s Book : Country Number Place Issued Date Issued Expiry Date Montenegro 1654/2014 Bar 30.01.2014. 30.01.2024. Medical : Medical Country Place Issued Date Issued Expiry Date Montenegro Kotor 13.01.2014. 13.01.2016. Drug & Alcohol : Place Issued: Kotor - Montenegro Date Issued: 13.01.2014. Expiry Date: 13.01.2016. Yellow Fever : Place Issued: Bar - Montenegro Date Issued: 11.09.2014. Expiry Date: 11.09.2024. Certification & Training :
Certificate Country Number Place Issued Date Issued Expiry Date BASIC TRAIN MNE 0404-404-30/14 Bar 14.01.2014. 14.01.2019. MEDICAL FIRST CARE CERTIFICATE MNE 0404-404-31/14 Bar 14.01.2014. 14.01.2019. PROFICIENCY IN SURV CRAFT AND RESCUE BOAT OPP MNE 0404-404-5761/15 Bar 12.11.2015. 12.11.2020. MED. CARE CERTIFICATE MNE 0404-404-5912/15 Bar 19.11.2015. 19.11.2020. ADV. FF. MNE 0404-404-5911/15 Bar 19.11.2015. 19.11.2020. BRIDGE TEAM RESORCE MNE 848 Bar 19.11.2015. UNLIMITED LEADERSHIP AND TEAM WORK MNE 835 Bar 04.11.2015. UNLIMITED ECDIS MNE 814 Bar 31.11.2015. UNLIMITED RADAR OBSERVATION AND PLOTTING AND USE OF ARPA SYSTEM – MANAGEMENT LEVEL MNE 934 Bar 19.11.2015. UNLIMITED BRIDGE RESOURCES MANAGEMENT MNE 867 Bar 11.11.2015. UNLIMITED SSO MNE 886 Bar 11.11.2015. UNLIMITED RO-RO/PAX SHIP SAFETY CERTIFICATE MNE 0404-404-6057/15 Bar 25.11.2015. 25.11.2020. GMDSS MNE 0405-403-5998/15 Bar 25.11.2015. 25.11.2020. PROCEDURE IN CASE OF SEC. THREATS AND RAISING OF SEC. AWARERNESS MNE 0404-404-421/14 Bar 28.01.2014. 28.01.2019. CERTIFICATE FOR SEAFARERS WITH DESIGNATED SEC. DUTYES MNE 0404-404-422/14 Bar 28.01.2014. 28.01.2019.
  Previous Sea Experience :     Vessel Name                                Vessel Tipe Engine Type GT Company Rank Joined Leave Days on Board Sveti Stefan II Ro-Ro/Pax Stork-Werkspoor 8697 Montenegro Lines Cadet 02.08.2014. 06.09.2014. 36 days m/v Budva Bulk Carrier MAN 24288 Barska Plovidba Cadet 08.10.2014. 15.09.2015. 343 days                                                                                              
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25.10.2016, 11:29 UTC
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Good day sir/ma'am,
I'm crisnard Oraiz,22 years old with bulk carrier experienced as deck cadet for 12months (handy size) and OS for 9months (Panamax), i am willing to apply in your good office as Able bodied Seaman or as jr. 3rd mate, i have my complete OIC-NW license with US Visa po and you can contact me thru my mobile number 09075855799 or my Email add. 
I am available anytime po and eager to be part your company. I will be waiting for your response po. God bless
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