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Looking for a job as a MOTORMAN in the offshore fleet

06.05.2015, 11:39 UTC
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Good day,

I am looking for a job on the MOTORMAN or TRAINEE ERO position - on all offshore units.

I have experience on MPSV/ROV DP2 vessels which were operating in the North Sea / Israel and over 10 months experience on cargo vessels (including tanker). To complete my education as well as obtain 3/E license I need about 2-3 months.

Please do not hesitate to contact with me if you require any additional information.


Damian Rutkowski
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17.06.2015, 07:23 UTC
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13.09.2015, 02:35 UTC
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i'm willing to work as a position of motorman.
i have experience on board and complete document.
i'm willing to undergo training just like other do.
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21.01.2016, 19:23 UTC
Hello, I'm looking for a job. I have three years of experience, I know English, Russian and Turkish languages, my phone +995 579 70 09 04. E-Mail
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09.07.2016, 11:23 UTC
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I'm an oiler or motorman, have three years experience and am ready to work in your company. Please call or email me :+233245476147 email : thanks 
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