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28.04.2015, 06:39 UTC
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(BT - ccm - ism - padams - pscrb - marpol I-VI, btoc -deck watch - engine watch etc..)
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10.08.2015, 09:47 UTC
Good day Ma'am/Sir,
          I am CARLITO P.BOQUILA JR. . 19 years old. I fresh graduate at Cristal e- College at Tawala, Panglao, Bohol,
Philippines. I am looking for a job as an engine cadet for my apprenticeship, I am a hard working person and willing to prove that in your prestigous company. I have the following certificate as an requirement: SEAMAN'S BOOK, PASSPORT, BT, ENGINE WATCH, SDSD, PSCRB. You can contact me at my email or on my no. 09301799161
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06.11.2015, 10:48 UTC
Good Day Maam/Sir:

I'm looking for a job as an Engine Cadet for my apprenticeship. I'm a hard working, legit and competitive of my designated task. I already have the requirements needed to be able to onboard ship. You can contact me for some info. from this email and phone no. Thank you.

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08.01.2016, 04:14 UTC
Dear Sir/Mam,


           A man with high regards for your institution and with an earnest desire to serve in capacity in which the following qualification were must be adopted, is applying for a position subject to your consideration. I am flexible individual, I can work beyond time limits and I have strong dedication to work.

           I'm CARLO C. PENETRANTE., a fresh graduate of Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation at Legazpi City Philippines, last October 2015. I have been completed the Three years academic requirements leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (BSMarE). I joined different organization that helped to develop my leadership and self confidence. I also finished a skills or specialization of the ff: PLUMBING NCII, PIPE FITTING NCII, SHIELDED METAL ARC WELDING NCII, TECHNICAL DRAFTING NCII with National Certificates that accredited by Technical Education and skills Development Authority (TESDA).
         If you think I met the qualification you need. I am much willing to come for an interview at your most convenient time. You can contact my email and phone number.

Phone: +63 9752316737

         Thank you very much and I'll wait for your favorable response.

Very truly yours,

Carlo C. Penetrante
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21.01.2016, 18:41 UTC
Hello, I'm looking for a job. I have three years of experience, I know English, Russian and Turkish languages, my phone 
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+995 579 70 09 04
. E-Mail
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27.07.2016, 06:21 UTC
Good Day Sir. Its a great pleasure to access to this site as regarding to your Deck apprenticeship program . I hereby write to apply to be part of your team as a Deck cadet. Im Marljo P. Sinacsi. Filipino. 19 years old. Im a fresh grad, completed Passport I.D and Seamans book. BT and SDSD COP certificate, Marpol, Deck Watch, and PSCRB. I'm a hard working person and willing to be trained, team motivation, good communication skills.
I look forward to joining this prestigious company as Deck Cadet to learn more and gain knowledge and experiences and show my skills . I will promise to do my best , my duty as a Deck Cadet . heres my contact number and email . Thank you and Godbless. - +639101060662/+639163954300 ,
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03.08.2016, 07:52 UTC
Good Day Mam/Sir Iam Patrick Anthony Ladesma,23 years old. Fresh graduate from Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation here in Lucena City. I would like to apply as enginr cadet in you company in any vessel and if you are interested to me Sir/Mam please email me or contact me at 09094825639/ Thank you and Godbless
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10.08.2016, 08:17 UTC
No photo
Good day. I ready to work, looking job for 2 motorman, Engine Cadet applying for Apprenticeship. I'm a hardworking person, can work under pressure and willing to work what ever task it is. please leave me a comment here or on my e-mail address this is my phone number +380938470372. 

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17.08.2016, 01:22 UTC
Sir/Mam:   I am Dexter Cuyos, a third year Bachelor in Science of Marine Engineering student of Cebu Technological University (CTU) Carmen Campus, residing at Tayud, Lilo-an Cebu.  In fulfillment of the requirements of this degree, I am required to have apprenticeship training for 1 year. With this matter, I would like to apply as an apprentice in your company because I believe that the training and experience I will acquire from your company will broaden my skills and knowledge about my course. I can full fill the duties and responsibilities that my officers and seniors told me to do so because I want to learn and explore further about the works on board ship. Please leave a message or call me at my cellphone number 09058743211 if i'm accepted at your standards
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30.08.2016, 01:51 UTC
Engine Cadet
Dear Sir/Maam:

Good day. I am John Raymond Lirasan, 21 years of age.A college graduate of the course of Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering at University Of Cebu-Maritime Education and Training Center(UC-METC) last March 2015, living  in Santander ,Cebu. It's a great pleasure to access in this site regarding for an engine apprenticeship program. I'm required for an apprenticeship training for 1 year to complete my requirements for this degree. Therefore, I would like to apply in your company as an engine cadet for any of your vessels.I am eager to continue my career in your company as one of your crew and willing to undergo training to develop my skills. 

I believe that my hardwork, my skills and full hearted dedication in rendering my services will be a great help in your company. I am available for an interview.

Cell no: 09231092151

Thank you very much...

Sincerely yours,

John Raymond J. Lirasan
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