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looking for a/b position

13.03.2014, 04:27 UTC
Good day sir/madam, Im mr. Rodel Lacaba applyng for a/b position, my last 3 vessels is from a roro passenger. Im an a/b with the knowledge of doing some welding jobs and driving forklift, scissors lift, cherryboom, ships and shore cranes. pls call me @ 09334557896 or email me @ thanks
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14.03.2014, 02:27 UTC
Hello Sir,
I am Edmund V. Garcia, hereby applying for passenger ship as an deck cadet or ordinary seaman. I have one year experience onboard of passenger ship as Deck Cadet. I believe myself that i will do the required contribution to your company with good attitude, interest and hard work. I can be reached anytime via my cell, 09127562293/0434561140. Thankyou.
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01.09.2014, 08:07 UTC
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Good day sir/madame 

                  I am Mark Anthony B. Saroca ,age of 29 year old. My birthday is September 18 1984 my status Married.,hieght 5`5. I lived at antipolo city. My contact number land line 5000262 cp 09173766143. I previously worked at NYK-FIL. I started my ojt from them. I worked for that company from 2005 to 2013 at least 5 contracts. In the position as messboy year 2006 , ordinary seaman 2008-2010 ,able seaman 2011-2013 experience for 2 o/s & 2 a/b. I decided to leave the company and transfer to F.A VINNEN because I dont see no career growth to NYK-FIL. I worked in F.A VINNEN as Ordinary Seaman for 9months contract from November 2013- August 2014. I am applying to your company as I see a big potential that my career will grow because Ive heard alot of good comments about your company. 
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25.10.2016, 11:28 UTC
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Good day sir/ma'am,
I'm crisnard Oraiz,22 years old with bulk carrier experienced as deck cadet for 12months (handy size) and OS for 9months (Panamax), i am willing to apply in your good office as Able bodied Seaman or as jr. 3rd mate, i have my complete OIC-NW license with US Visa po and you can contact me thru my mobile number 09075855799 or my Email add. 
I am available anytime po and eager to be part your company. I will be waiting for your response po. God bless
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