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Research on Maritime Stowaways

24.02.2014, 13:36 UTC
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Greetings to all seafarers out there, hope the seas are not too rough and the voyages not too long. My name is Amaha Senu and I am a seafarer who is now researching about the issue of maritime stowaways. I am based at the Seafarers International Research Centre at Cardiff University, UK. My research interest is on the intended and uninteded consequences of states' maritime border regulation, policing and policies on seafarers and maritime stowaways. Increasingly restrictive immigration policies and refusal of states in cooperating with ships in disembarking stowaways have had serious impacts on both seafarers and stowaways. It is such impacts I would like to investigate. So fellow seafarers out there, if any one of you have encountered stowaways at sea, I would be very grateful if you can contact me and participate in my research. What that means is that I will carryout interviews with you if you consent to it. I will provide you with information sheet about the research project. I would also like to stress the fact that all participants will be made anonymous. In other words, I am required by my university ethical regulations to protect the identity of my participants. Thus I will use different names other than your own and take every measure to ensure your identities will not be revealed. If you have had the stowaway experience and are willing to participate in my research, please email me on the following address and we will talk.

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