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looking for a job

23.01.2014, 10:49 UTC
looking for job im roseller pangilinan. oiler
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10.08.2015, 09:51 UTC
Good day Ma'am/Sir,
          I am CARLITO P.BOQUILA JR. . 19 years old. I fresh graduate at Cristal e- College at Tawala, Panglao, Bohol,
Philippines. I am looking for a job as an engine cadet for my apprenticeship, I am a hard working person and willing to prove that in your prestigous company. I have the following certificate as an requirement: SEAMAN'S BOOK, PASSPORT, BT, ENGINE WATCH, SDSD, PSCRB. You can contact me at my email or on my no. 09301799161
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21.01.2016, 19:26 UTC
Hello, I'm looking for a job. I have three years of experience, I know English, Russian and Turkish languages, my phone +995 579 70 09 04. E-Mail
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