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Applying as O/S

03.05.2013, 01:20 UTC
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Hello Sir/mam, Im Ricardo Rosales looking for a job as o/s in your company. hoping this letter will bear a positive result, thank you very much.                                                                                                 
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01.07.2014, 23:56 UTC
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Hello Sir/Mam, Im fredel priela os from mowinckel ship management as i have an experiience in bulk, oil chem, shuttle tanker, looking for job as an os in offshore if thre is an vacanccies in your campany. im onboard now i finish my contract on august. thank you very much hoping for next assign vessel.
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18.08.2014, 03:37 UTC
Updated Picture, August 18, 2014
Hello Sir/Mam, I am Mark Riel C. Guerrero applying for any vacancies in offshore as O/S
I'm in College degree taking BS Marine Transportation, 3rd year but I stop, I am good in communication using English language and ready to work hard in your company at my very best. I am ready at any time
Thank you and God Bless
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