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Looking for Engine Cadet Apprenticeship

26.03.2013, 15:17 UTC

I'm looking for a possible shipping company for my apprenticeship. Any help is much appreciated.

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10.08.2015, 09:44 UTC
Good day Ma'am/Sir,
          I am CARLITO P.BOQUILA JR. . 19 years old. I fresh graduate at Cristal e- College at Tawala, Panglao, Bohol,
Philippines. I am looking for a job as an engine cadet for my apprenticeship, I am a hard working person and willing to prove that in your prestigous company. I have the following certificate as an requirement: SEAMAN'S BOOK, PASSPORT, BT, ENGINE WATCH, SDSD, PSCRB. You can contact me at my email or on my no. 09301799161
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14.08.2015, 01:48 UTC
HI Sir/Ma'ammy name is Patrick Anthony B. Ladesma. I'll be graduating this coming may and as early as now, i am looking for companies that hires engine cadet... I'm very eager to complete my apprenticeship with full determination and I hope that you will help me to find a company or suggest companies where i can apply... PLEASE CALL MY NO. 09094825639or EMAIL me at
thank you and GOD BLESS..
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06.09.2015, 16:01 UTC
Dear Ma'am/Sir
                   I am Lorence M. Cañete 19 years old, I graduated from University of Cebu Maritime Education and Training Center last march 19 2015. I am looking for companies that hires engine cadet. I am flexible enough and my skills suits for this kind of job. 

cellphone number: 0932 735 0120
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06.11.2015, 10:52 UTC
Good Day Maam/Sir:

I'm looking for a job as an Engine Cadet for my apprenticeship. I'm a hard working, legit and competitive of my designated task. I already have the requirements needed to be able to onboard ship. You can contact me for some info. from this email and phone no. Thank you. 
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08.01.2016, 04:11 UTC
Dear Sir/Mam,


           A man with high regards for your institution and with an earnest desire to serve in capacity in which the following qualification were must be adopted, is applying for a position subject to your consideration. I am flexible individual, I can work beyond time limits and I have strong dedication to work.

           I'm CARLO C. PENETRANTE., a fresh graduate of Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation at Legazpi City Philippines, last October 2015. I have been completed the Three years academic requirements leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (BSMarE). I joined different organization that helped to develop my leadership and self confidence. I also finished a skills or specialization of the ff: PLUMBING NCII, PIPE FITTING NCII, SHIELDED METAL ARC WELDING NCII, TECHNICAL DRAFTING NCII with National Certificates that accredited by Technical Education and skills Development Authority (TESDA).
         If you think I met the qualification you need. I am much willing to come for an interview at your most convenient time. You can contact my email and phone number.

Phone: +63 9752316737

         Thank you very much and I'll wait for your favorable response.

Very truly yours,

Carlo C. Penetrante
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21.01.2016, 18:56 UTC
Hello, I'm looking for a job. I have three years of experience, I know English, Russian and Turkish languages, my phone +995 579 70 09 04. E-Mail
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06.04.2016, 10:28 UTC
Marine Engineering
Dear Ma,am/sir I  would like to apply as a marine engineering apprentice for the completion of my bachelor Degree since the 3 years theoritical course.
i would like to develop and enhance my skills in my field so that i can do anything that is related to my course.
i don t have any past works or experience  but i can assure you that i will do my very  best in doing the any task  given.thank you ma,am sir god blessed you.   email  contact 09058720817..

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09.04.2016, 05:49 UTC
No photo
Good Day Ma'am/Sir! I would like to apply in your company as engine cadet apprenticeship. I already have training certificates for Tanker vessel. I also have SIRB and Passport. This is my # 09068556555..emai: Thank you and God Bless
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26.06.2016, 23:25 UTC
Good day ma'am/sir i willing to apply in your company as a engine cadet apprenticeship i have complete requirements i have sirb and training certification this is my # 09369621289 
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03.07.2016, 15:15 UTC
Good Day Ma'am/sir
I'm Daniel Paulo N, Ariate, I finished my academic requirements from Technological Institute of the Philippines last October 2015. I am looking for a Shipping Company that hires Engine Cadet.

Contact Number: 09068622173
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