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Looking for Internship/Sponsorship for a Deck Cadet

26.03.2013, 10:12 UTC
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To whom it may concern ,

Hi , I'm a Singapore Polytechnic student pursuing Diploma in Nautical Studies (DNS) seeking for scholarship opportunities . I've already completed my first phase of Nautical Studies by attaining certification for BST (Basic Safety Training) , Tanker Familiarization and other essential knowledge such as Navigation and Watch Keeping . I'm already prepared to clock in my 12 months of cadetship before pursuing my year 3 in Singapore Polytechnic in preparation for COC3 . However I've decided to pursue one semester of year 3 first before sailing off for my internship . However , I've came across your company during my research and I hope this mail would be taken into consideration and allow me to express my views further through an interview . I would be ending my semester on september before starting my internship , therefore I'm not only looking for an internship programme for 1 year but however after which serving the company for a long-term period . I'm well-prepared for long bond periods with the company and actually it does not affect me a single bit as I've already chosen the maritime path in the future and the years are simply just numbers to me . I really hope I would be given an opportunity to display my X-Factor with the company and bringing out the best for myself and the company itself . I rather wish to attend and interview to express my thoughts rather than displaying in the mail . You could contact me through my email , .Thank you very much and have a great day ahead .

Your's Sincerely ,
Cadet Officer Saravanan
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27.06.2013, 16:03 UTC
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I'm a Fresh Graduate of BSMT, Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation.iam looking for a cadetship/apprentice ship
iam seeking your help Sir. PLEASE contact me in my Cellphone no. 09059309591 or e-mail me in my E-mail address YOU and GOD BLESS US ALL!.
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12.07.2013, 14:54 UTC
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Sir, I am TME, with Indian CDC, and STCW 95,and I interested any suitable Job such as TME/5th Engineer/Engine
I am ready to serve any where across the world. Please call me in my mobile +91 9941646620,
or email : if you have opening and I can join in 3 days time

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21.11.2013, 10:25 UTC
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 I'm just finished technical college. i Have title electronic engineer.
I'm looking for any suitable job on drilling vessel or ship.
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06.12.2013, 08:30 UTC
Hello Sir,
I am Harish kumar, hereby applying for the post of deck cadet. I have enclosed my resume with essential information. I have the experience of pre-sea training of BS Nautical technology at R L Institutes of nautical sciences (BITS PILANI), Madurai (Tamilnadu). I believe myself that i will do the required contribution to your company with good attitude, interest and hard work. I can be reached anytime via or my cell, 9789327917 / 9004291024. Thankyou.
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17.03.2014, 03:40 UTC
Hello Sir,
I am Edmund V. Garcia, hereby applying for passenger ship as an deck cadet or ordinary seaman. I have one year experience onboard of passenger ship as Deck Cadet. I believe myself that i will do the required contribution to your company with good attitude, interest and hard work. I can be reached anytime via my cell, 09127562293/0434561140. Thankyou.
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12.07.2014, 15:06 UTC
Carnival Incorporations

Dear Applicant,

Carnival careers Incorporation is international establishment reputed in the hospitality/cruise industry.
We are urgently hiring competent,dedicated,Honest,and enterprising applicant who has any of the 

managerial,technical,Medical,logistics,administrative,and other skills to work in our new offices/Cruises in the United 


Admin officer/Marketing manager-CUK/9834
Engineer-CCUK 7654
Admin manager/HR Manager/Teacher-CCUK/3410
Customer care officer/marketer/phone centre-CCUK 9878
Network Administrator/Computer operator/IT Officer-CCUK/1878
Registered Nurse/Health workers-CCUK/1419
2nd/3rd/4th Mate -CCUK /1422
Second Housekeepers-CCUK/1412
1st-4th Engineer/sea  man -CCUK/7865
Supervisor/Site manager-CCUK/7837
crane/forklift operator/Driver-CCUK/1411
Massage/beauty therapist/Hairstylist-(male and female)-CCUK/1402
Language translator/ consultant-CCUK/1403
Hotel attendant/Hospitality officer-CCUK/1413

The Establishment shall be liable for feeding,medical,housing and other benefits during the contract of work.
Job conditions are as follow:

1.Applicant must have a valid traveling  documents(international passport Identity) 
2.Must be willing to relocate or travel abroad
3.Must  be willing to attend  free job acquisition training courses

Please  state your salary structure and amount to be paid for consideration

If you deem it wise to fit into  the  criteria above,kindly forward  or  send your CV for immediate assessment and 

For more information,kindly visit our website

Kind Regards
Brian Scott
Recruiting Department
Carnival Careers Incorporations UK
Carnival House,
100 Harbor
Parade, Southampton SO15 1ST
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (7)937455989,+447937412172,+447937458757
Fax: +44 (0)2380593131
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11.08.2014, 15:31 UTC
Dear Sir/Madam:


I am writing to apply as a deck cadet that best commensurate to my capabilities and qualification.

I am a graduate of Saint Joseph Institute of Technology (SJIT) with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation (BSMT). I took my General Sensitivity Training for Seafarers, STD/HIV/AIDS Prevention in Marine Section (SHAPIMS), Basic Training Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Maritime Sector, Trainings Forming Parts of Navigational Watch, and Consolidated Marpol 73/78 at National Maritime Polytechnic, Cabalawan, Tacloban City.

My involvement in the community and school sports activities has enhance my communication skills, my leadership skills and ability to work in a team environment as well as performing my task properly and effectively.It will be a great opportunity for me if I would be chosen as one of your competent employee and to be able to share my skills and abilities in enhancing the services to the community. I bring the energy and commitment in rendering my services into your company

I am available for interview at any time. I can be contacted most easily on the mobile phone (+63) 9483263209 or (+63) 9154067955 or email me at you for your time and consideration. I look forward to meeting you about this employment opportunity.


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29.10.2014, 16:10 UTC


            Im REYMARC L. GRAVA, Live in Cebu City Philippines. Im 22 years old. I graduated at BS IN MARINE TRANSPORTATION AT(UC-METC) UNIVERSITY OF CEBU MARITIME EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTER, PHILIPPINES. I was informed that you are hiring for DECK CADET in your company mam/sir. Therefore my desire to apply in the said position that best fit in my qualification i want to apply to your company as deck cadet, i have already training certificate, BST/BT, DECKWATCH, PSCRB, CONSOLIDATED, MARPOL 1-6 and ATFF/.

           I really want to be part of ur prestige company,if given a chance i will do all my best to be a good employee.
           Iam available for interview anytime and my contact number is add:

Thank you and Godbless

Reymarc L. Grava
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31.12.2015, 17:48 UTC
Dear Sir/Mam,


           A man with high regards for your institution and with an earnest desire to serve in capacity in which the following qualification were must be adopted, is applying for a position subject to your consideration. I am flexible individual, I can work beyond time limits and I have strong dedication to work.

           I'm CARLO C. PENETRANTE., a fresh graduate of Mariners Polytechnic College Foundation at Legazpi City Philippines, last October 2015. I have been completed the Three years academic requirements leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering (BSMarE). I joined different organization that helped to develop my leadership and self confidence. I also finished a skills or specialization of the ff: PLUMBING NCII, PIPE FITTING NCII, SHIELDED METAL ARC WELDING NCII, TECHNICAL DRAFTING NCII with National Certificates that accredited by Technical Education and skills Development Authority (TESDA).
         If you think I met the qualification you need. I am much willing to come for an interview at your most convenient time. You can contact my email and phone number.

Phone: +63 9752316737

         Thank you very much and I'll wait for your favorable response.

Very truly your,

Carlo C. Penetrante

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19.07.2016, 04:19 UTC
Good day Sir/Ma'am I'm Clyde Valence B. Manipis, graduated at Dr. Carlos S. Lanting as BS Marine Transportation on July 7, 2016. A hardworking and passionate person. Willing to learn more with your company as deck cadet. Thanks for your appreciation.
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