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Makati, Philippines
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Our office
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2ND Floor, 2053 Building Edison
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1234 Makati, Philippines
Tel. for seafarers:
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Preferred nationalities: Filipino.
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Alster is a company engaged in providing quality marine personnel and related services to its principals worldwide.

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eric balalio   Deck Cadet   FILIPINO   2 weeks ago

Good day ma'am/ sir I'm Eric Balalio age 22 . A fresh graduate of BS marine Transportation. I Would like to apply to you're company as a deck cadet my contact : 09753347682 Thank you and God Bless.

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John Alarcon   Engine Cadet   FILIPINO   3 weeks ago

Good day sir/maam. I'm John Alarcon, 19 years of age. A fresh graduate of BS Marine Engineering in this year 2016 (April 08 to be specific) I would like to apply to your as Engine Cadet to your company. I hope you consider my application, you can contact m

JORI "JOR" EDAR   Wiper   FILIPINO   2 months ago
Orly "Orly" Opredo   Engine Cadet   FILIPINO   8 months ago

Good Day Madam/Sir. I graduated BS Marine Engineering in the year 2014-2015. I am appLying as an Engine Cadet to you r Company. This is my Contact Number 09501096076 my email Please pick me Thank you and God bLess.

Gerold Dan Lagare   Engine Cadet   FILIPINO   year ago

.Good noon Sir/Mam:

I am Gerold Dan Lagare a fresh graduate student this year 2014-2015 .i supposedly applying for an engine cadet .if any vacancy here is my number 09358069316 .email. .i have also trainings like: SDSD, PSCRB, I

carl sydric benlero   Engine Cadet   FILIPINO   year ago

Good Day Sir/Mam, I am Carl Sydric applying as ENGINE CADET in your company.I am a fresh graduate of BSMARE from JOHN B. LACSON COLLEGES FOUNDATION BACOLOD. I completed my certificates, trainings ,BT, OJT shipboard training,my passport,seamanbooks,globalme

jhay clevin buendia   Deck Cadet   FILIPINO   year ago

Good Day Sir/Mam, I would like to apply to your company as Deck Cadet . I Graduated at IGCFI - INTERGLOBAL COLLEGE FOUNDATION INCORPORATED, i completed trainings BT/SDSD/Deckwatchkeeping/OJT Shipboard Training , passport seamansbook. its my pleasure to be

dennis convocar   Deck Cadet   FILIPINO   year ago

Good day ma'am/sir. I would like to apply as a Deck Cadet in your company. Graduated at JOHN B. LACSON FOUNDATION MARITIME UNIVERSITY - ILOILO (march 4, 2014). I have my Seaman's Book, Passport and BT-U Certificate, my mobile number is 09062115978. hoping

Kim Olavere   Engine Cadet   FILIPINO   year ago

Good day sir/madam im Kim L. Olavere i am graduate of bicol merchant marine college inc and may i respectfully ask your good office if you were accepting walk in cadets in your company. may i ask also for the necessary requirements thank you.

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joe cesar "jojo" apolinar   Engine Cadet/Motorman   FILIPINO   year ago

Dear maam/sir im joe cesar L.apolinar applying for the job of wiper or engine cadet...i'm 26 yrs old...
i have 1 year experience of engine cadet and 1year and 2months oiler here in INTERISLAND..
please do contact me:09164853981

sanner grecia   Engine Cadet   FILIPINO   2 years ago

dear maam/sir im sanner grecia looking for job in position of wiper or engine cadet.. 22yrs old . I have 1 year expierice ship in INTER ISLAND..
please contact me: 09108964818

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Michael john Lloren   Bosun   FILIPINO   2 years ago

Good Day Mam/Sir I,Bosun Lloren,Michael John 38 yrs old OIL CHEM / ASPHALT EXP...I am applying to your good office with complete documents,u.s visa valid until contact number 09324733614,thanks

janielito rosos manuel "janly" Rosos   Engine Cadet   FILIPINO   2 years ago

hi..!! maam/sir im janielito Rosos Manuel,i would like to apply at your company for the position of engine cadet..,i have my BS cert.,EWATCH cert.,hoping for a better job..,,plz contact my cell#..09225239524..thank u po maam/sir

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danilo selidio   Chief Cook   FILIPINO   2 years ago

im danilo t. selidio 45 yrs old looking for a job as a chief cook,expreinced with europian/scandinavian cuisine.vessel chem/oil cel#09104957120

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John Christoper Vergel   Deck Cadet   FILIPINO   2 years ago

Ma'am / Sir Good day
Good day ma'am and sir I am John Christoper P. Vergel looking for the position Ordinary seaman (OS) i have my experience on tanker vessels trading world wide w/ valid U.S visa and travel documents and trainings certificates.


elmar La-as   Engine Cadet   FILIPINO   3 years ago

Good Day
I'm Elmar La-as I would like to apply to your company as engine cadet if there vacancy.I am very willing to work at your company. You can contact me to my cell number 09462850724 or to my email address
Hoping for your fav

Arjay "arjay" Magaoay   Engine Cadet   FILIPINO   3 years ago

Im Arjay Magaoay I am a graduate of Northwestern University. I would like to apply in your company as engine cadet. I want to improve my skills under your supervision and i will do my best to do all the task given for me sir/maam. pls allow me to work in y

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keith nicasio   A/B   FILIPINO   3 years ago

im a licensed 2nd mate quick and willing to learn the officer's job. i am a.b. now on one of the vessels of PTC. im searching for a company that can higher my chances on becoming an officer. thanks

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eric cerdeno   Deck Cadet   FILIPINO   4 years ago

Eric Cerdeno says: June 20 Dear sir/madam:
I'm ERIC E. CERDENO I am graduate of Philippine maritime institute (PMI).I would like to apply in your company as deck cadet. i would like to learn and improve my skills under your supervision. i know that i wil

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